Innovative Process Improves ESG Performance Goals for Energy Producer

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Refined Technologies Inc. (RTI) partnered with a North American energy producer in November 2021 to reduce flaring and VOC emissions for their Ultraformer- 4 Cyclic Reformer Unit at their facility. In support of their ESG goals, RTI implemented industry best practices.

The unit was fully de-inventoried within a closed drain header system, eliminating oil drained or vented into the atmosphere and limiting contractor exposures to noxious and dangerous gasses.

Hydrocarbons were condensed to reduce the impact of flaring during the shutdown of the unit, allowing the refiner’s operations team to test columns and vessels for environmental requirements and providing a safe process to test the environment inside the equipment prior to opening the columns and vessels to the

The goals of the project were met and included a 50% reduction in flaring, reduced flushing of lighter hydrocarbons, 50% reduction in operations manpower, 25% less nitrogen used, reduction of CO2 and
other greenhouse gases, and utilizing a closed drain header system to restrict oil from being drained or vented into the atmosphere.

RTI’s comprehensive shutdown approach uses their patented Vaporganic® chemical cleaning process and chemistries. This unique application utilizes QuikTurn® chemistry, a patented reactor clean using QTRX2, and a pyrophoric treatment utilizing Quench®.

“We applaud this energy producer for continuing to pursue ESG efforts that eliminate the traditional shutdown, decontamination, and cleaning steps and on their successful turnaround,” stated Landon Wagter, Senior Director of Business at RTI. “RTI is a committed partner that elevates clients seeking to improve ESG performance because of our core belief that these practices are essential for communities to thrive.”

Many energy companies are aspiring to become net zero by 2050 or sooner. This target will require a shift from companies being known as oil companies producing resources, to leading the way as integrated energy companies aiming to deliver solutions for customers. The pursuit of these ambitious efforts will require a comprehensive strategy to decarbonize and diversify into different forms of energy to reduce the emissions footprint of their base businesses.

Choosing partners like RTI, and investing in energy efficiency projects and new technologies, will continue to build momentum toward these sustainability goals.

RTI is a leading global industrial solutions provider that partners with clients across industries to improve process operations while lowering total cost. They provide products and solutions to increase efficiency gains while reducing water usage and carbon impact.

Environmental stewardship, corporate responsibility, and investing in local, regional, and global communities have been in their DNA since RTI’s founding in 2001. To learn more about RTI’s commitment to ESG visit

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