Process Connections Reduces Cost and Waste

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The Challenge

Historically, this U.S. refiner relied on outside contractors to build their spools and specialized material, which led to inefficiencies, additional expenses, and confusion about what was needed to connect to the process equipment. The refiner had also experienced logistical issues, specifically around what was requested versus what was delivered onsite. Since RTI was already delivering excellent results inside the facility and the unit’s Operations team saw how easy RTI personnel was to work with, they looked to RTI for a solution. Utilizing RTI to develop the design and configuration eliminated the process equipment needs challenge and an additional contractor who might misinterpret the requested materials. 

The Solution

Leveraging RTI’s experience and best practices for Mechanical hook-ups created more capacity for the facility’s mechanical planners and fabricators to focus on other Operations deliverables. RTI delivered more precise spools, reduced rework, and reduced scrap metal waste because all equipment was built to spec the first time. Having RTI create the design, develop the configuration, then supply the connections ensured the best quality and accuracy were delivered to the site. RTI also provided accessible inventory for future projects without the difficulty of maintaining connections. RTI supplied cost-effective solutions and responded to additional client needs right up to the point of oil out, even after facing unforeseen supply chain issues and delays in the field. Leveraging RTI’s relationships with vendors allowed additional needs to be supplied easily within a 1-day turnaround.

The Results

According to the facility’s Operations Turnaround, they were 4 ½ days ahead of schedule after RTI’s work was complete. RTI’s cost was competitive, reduced the amount of waste, and eliminated any rework. The refiner’s partnership with RTI allowed us to provide: 

  • 307 rental spools supplied from our Mechanical rental inventory 

  • 203 custom-made spools 

  • 92 companion flanges

  • 3,162 gaskets 

  • 29,070 studs with nuts 

  • 618 pieces of stainless-steel 

  • 1,812 unions 

  • 3,137 fittings 

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